30 May
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A printer malfunction is the most annoying factor when you try to prepare hard copies of a business project. Technical glitches with printers are common and make the printing machine unreliable. You can often get stuck with different kinds of critical errors on your printer. 

However, we are going to discuss the essential troubleshooting steps to fix the common problems that you may come across with your printer. For more reliable assistance, connect with Printer Repair Dubai.

Common Printing Issues and Fixes

We have listed below the common issues that a printer faces and also provided the fixes to them. So, you can repair your printer and enhance its performance in the following ways. 

“Printer Won’t Print” 

You can fix the printer offline error by checking connections and also catering to the hardware issues. 

  1. Make sure that the USB cable is plugged in properly and the system connected to the printer is recognized by PC.

  2. Ensure that papers are present in a paper tray and no alignment issue is there. Replace the faulty cables and repair port damage issues. 

  3. In the case of a wireless printer, you might choose an internet connection with a strong signal.

  4. Finally, remove the solid particles and clean the dust inside the output tray (if any) with non-corrosive solutions. 

If the printer offline error still persists, then you can connect with professionals of Printer Repair Dubai to troubleshoot the printer status issues. 

Low-Quality Print and Ink Warning

The absence of ink and incorrect page orientation, both triggers print quality issues. You can follow the steps below to fix the problem quickly. 

  1. Go to the Printer Setup page and disable the draft mode.

  2. Now, make sure that you have inserted the papers with A4 size.

  3. Next, check alignment and set the papers in such a way that no side is damaged due to a wrong orientation.

  4. Finally, take out the ink cartridge and test whether enough ink is present to print or not. Clean the nozzles and fill out the ink in the correct amount.

  5. In case the issue remains, it is required to consult with a technical expert of Printer Repair Dubai to replace the cartridge and resolve the problem easily. 

Unable to Scan Data from Phone or Tablet

Sometimes, you can encounter a scanning problem when try to print from the phone directly. Perform the following steps and fix this annoying issue easily. 

  1. Enable the Wi-Fi option from the connected system and choose the model of the printer. If it is not showing on the list, then connect with a technical expert team of Printer Repair Dubai.

  2. Next, update the printer driver from the Device Manager window. For that, expand Hardware and Printers.

  3. Choose the correct model and right-click on it. Select Update Driver and start the process. 

  4. Complete the entire process by following the on-screen instructions and once done, restart the printer. Thus, in this manner, you can enhance the scanning speed.

Paper Jams

Paper jams are common and can be quite bothersome. Therefore, remove any paper jams by using the method given below.

  1. Turn off the printer and disconnect the cables from the scanning device.

  2. Now, clean the input roller unit as well as the input feeder with a cotton ball gently.

  3. Next, pull out the papers that got stuck inside the output tray and then cover up the output lid.

  4. Connect the printer again to the device by an ethernet cable and fix the problem under the guidance of Printer Repair Dubai to avoid future hazards.

Need Further Assistance? Get Connected with Printer Repair Dubai

When the problems extend to its limit and threats the printer hardware permanently, then you need to connect with a printer repair expert. 

So, you might opt for the services from Printer Repair Dubai and overcome all the critical errors associated with your printer. So, hurry up and enhance the longevity of your printer effectively by placing a call at [045864029]. 

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